B.C. to Introduce New Real Estate Rules in 2018

2018 BC Real Estate Rules

New rules stated by the Provincial Government will decrease shady deals in real estate moving forward. Restricting `Dual Agency,` where one agent represents both seller and buyer in a single transaction. An additional change in regulation is the requirement for transparency regarding entitled compensations. Read more from CBC

Rural Cabins, Cottages Exempted from Speculation Tax

rural property exception

With the new speculation tax for vacant homes in British Columbia, questions arise surrounding those who will be affected. A 0.5 per cent increase on 2018 property value for B.C. residents with second homes. Read more from Campbell River Mirror

We obtain the following documents…

We post these documents to our MLS system so that other realtors can easily provide the information to their interested buyers: A title search along with any registered attachments such as easements, restrictive covenants, building schemes, etc. Property Disclosure Statement Property Zoning Information Any previous inspections related to the woodstove, chimney & septic Agent Authorization …

Recreational Property Price and Sales Volume Increases

According to the 2017 Royal LePage Canadian Recreational Housing Report released this year, the majority of recreational property markets across Canada have seen year-over-year price and sales volume increases, although in a number of regions, trends differ markedly. While recreational property trends remain mixed in the majority of oil-producing provinces, high-priced competitive environments have intensified …