The Comox Valley

On the eastern shores of Vancouver Island, midway up the island, the Comox Valley encompasses a large and diverse area of towns.

Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland are the large cities in the Comox Valley and a total of just over 62,000 residents call it home. Offering extraordinary access to summer activities such as hiking, sailing, fishing, kayaking, diving and more, the Comox Valley also has a vibrant arts, tech and business community. Many are also drawn to the area in the winter as well for it’s proximity to Mount Washington and it’s world class ski resort. Tourism is big in Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland. When you live here, you feel the privilege of living where others desire to vacation.

Mild, west coast climate and affordable housing make the Comox Valley a great place to move to and call home.

Similar to the rest of coastal Vancouver Island, Courtenay and Comox both enjoy warm and dry summers. With Cumberland being a few kilometers inland the weather can be a few degrees hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.

Relocating to the Comox Valley?

If you’re moving to Courtenay, Comox or Cumberland from a larger city like Nanaimo or Victoria you’ll find everything you need. The Comox Valley has several shopping centers, large box stores as well as popular downtown areas. Courtenay in particular has a lively downtown core with great entertainment and dining options.

Making your home in the Comox Valley

You’ll have some nice options for narrowing down the area you’d like to live when you move to the Comox Valley. If you want to be close to the night life, shopping and more employment opportunities you’ll want to take a closer look right in the cities of Courtenay, Comox or Cumberland. For a more rural lifestyle, surrounded by forested areas or farming, choose Merville or Black Creek, where your home buying dollar will go farther.


comox glacier
View of Courtenay and the Comox Glacier

As the largest, and only “city” within the Regional District, Courtenay really is the heart of The Comox Valley. With a focus on the arts and an entrepreneurial spirit, Courtenay is a thriving and attractive place to live. High quality entertainment options are available year round from iconic places like The Sid Williams theatre. Courtenay is also home to the largest music festival on Vancouver Island.

North Island College has a huge campus in Courtenay and offers an ever growing selection of acclaimed programs. The college allows young people living in the Comox Valley to get a high level of education right in Courtenay.

comox valley farmers market
Comox Valley farmers market


Town of Comox
the Town of Comox

The town of Comox lies along the coast on the Comox Peninsula. Home to the Canadian Air Force Base, CFB Comox, the town also incorporates the largest airport in the area. Offering dozens of flights daily, Pacific Coastal Airlines, Air Canada, West Jet and more provide service to all major centers for Comox Valley residents.

The Town of Comox has a charming downtown area lined with shops, restaurants and a shopping mall. As the largest in the area, the Comox Marina provides easy access to spectacular fishing opportunities and convenient moorage.

If you’re looking for a slower pace of life but to stay close to all the normal amenities, living in Comox is for you. With ample parks and walking trails the residents of Comox enjoy an active lifestyle and low cost of living.


Comox Lake
Comox Lake, Cumberland

The Village of Cumberland has a historic downtown and several heritage buildings that delight tourists and draw residents to the area. With a thriving community of artists and outdoor enthusiasts, Cumberland is home to growing population of young people.

Comox Lake, located just outside of Cumberland’s downtown, provides the area with it’s drinking water and endless opportunities for fresh water fishing, boating and swimming.

If you’re looking for a place to live in Cumberland you’ll find everything from heritage homes, modern houses and rural homesteads. Close proximity to amenities, schools, dining and entertainment is all within easy reach while living in Cumberland.

Businesses are blossoming in Cumberland and helping to provide new employment opportunities for residents. Cumberland is a up and coming place to live and it’s an affordable option for young families. Contact us to find your new home in Cumberland.

Denman & Hornby Islands

hornby island from denman island
View of Hornby Island from Denman Island

These northern gulf islands offer a great quality of life for those wanting to live at a slower pace. Denman Island is home to three provincial parks: Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park, Fillongley Provincial Park and Boyle Point Provincial Park. Residents are active in the community and conservation and come from a variety of backgrounds.

Many people who call Denman and Hornby Island home have a common goal of living an independent lifestyle and they foster a thriving local economy. Denman Island is serviced by ferry from Buckley Bay with just a 10 minute trip.

Hornby Island is a popular tourist destination and home to just under a thousand residents. Covering just 30 square miles,  half of Hornby Island is dedicated parkland. Homes on Hornby Island are generally along the coastal areas with many having fabulous unencumbered views of the ocean.

Union Bay, Buckley Bay & Fanny Bay

These small communities line the eastern coast of Vancouver Island between Parksville and Courtenay. Quaint and picturesque seaside towns like Union Bay and Fanny Bay are home to a diverse range of people from retirees to young families. The small town lifestyle offered here flourishes with the abundance of shellfish that can be found in the area.


Royston is a seaside community just south of Courtenay. Offering affordably priced homes on larger parcels of land, Royston is a popular place to buy a house. Easy beach access provides residents endless opportunities to kayak or walk on the beach and explore old shipwrecks.

Black Creek & Merville

These small rural towns are located north of Courtenay and midway to Campbell River. Merville is a thriving farm community will an abundance of family farms providing everything from organic produce, popular wines and free range beef. Buying a home in Merville means enjoying the forested atmosphere yet being about 15 minutes away from all major amenities.

Black Creek is home to Saratoga Beach and the Oyster River, each bringing tourists back year after year. Residents and visitors enjoy the sandy beaches, forested trails and plentiful salmon that can be found in the river. With a grocery store, liquor store, post office, gas station and other necessities, making your home in Black Creek will provide a peaceful atmosphere with all the conveniences of a larger community.

Mount Washington

Already a world class winter resort, Mount Washington is fast becoming a huge draw in the summer months as well. If you’re ready to own a vacation home that’s right where the outdoor action is, contact us about what’s available for sale on Mount Washington. The resort is a 30 minute drive from Courtenay, winter roads are well maintained and a bus service also operates.

From one bedroom condos to large ski-in ski-out chalets, Mount Washington has something for every budget. As a family friendly community the area has lots to offer all ranges of sporting abilities right from the beginner to expert.

So you’ve decided that the Comox Valley is the place for your new home, what’s next?